Virtually simple. Powered by doctors.

Designed for hospitals to achieve better business, team and patient outcomes through virtual care.

Athree’s balanced process advocates equitably for:


Access hospitalists, nocturnists, cardiologists, neurologists and other specialists to achieve athree-optimal collaboration with your hospital's patients and team.


Customer journey, the patient story, digital experience and patient centered care are all unique with different population preferences. Athree helps deliver customized care..


Leverage our hospitalist experience at 30+ mostly MUA hospitals. Quality programs, metrics development, patient education, safety standards- let athree help.

As a virtual care provider we focus on our doctor’s quality of life, so they can be optimally prepared to lead a healthy culture -at your hospital- with outstanding, measured patient outcomes in an efficient, productive environment.



Athree provides cost effective, state-licensed and hospital credentialed virtual nocturnist and hospitalist care to patients at rural hospitals utilizing widely available, HIPAA compliant technology and audio and video conferencing.

Athree is not offering virtual care directly to consumers. Our mission is to assist hospitals, especially in medically underserved areas (MUA's), to develop virtual capabilities which increase access to specialized care for the patients who need it most.


athree \ˈa-thrē \ noun
der. new word
1 : state of optimum collaboration


Hospital ROI

Rural or exurb. Returning value where it's needed most.

Access Hospitalists

Night or Day. Rural, Exurban or MUA. Support regional PCP's.

Share Specialist Care

Fulfill the promise of telemedicine and virtual care for underserved populations.


Built into workflow and device management: HIPAA, national standards, your best practices.

Improve Outcomes

Designed work flows driven by user experience

Team Equity

Equality is treating everyone the same. Equity is giving everyone what they need to be successful.

Patient Satisfaction

Virtualist led patient-centered care. Patient education assistance.

Virtual Care Promotion

Your hospital's brand. Athree's expertise and support.


A Smart Solution Where It's Needed Most


Provider burnout is chronically thinking there is more work than resources. Athree can flip this thinking for your team. It's not another layer, it's integrated. It simplifies jobs-to-be-done during clinical care,  automating tasks through lightweight tech and a doctor-designed, user-centric process.

Medically Underserved Areas / Populations Health Professional Shortage Areas


Athree utilizes lightweight, agnostic tech defined by user experience, designed workflow and a price point which enables the process to work as a full business solution for hospitals. People, time and money- all of your resources pulled together to deliver better outcomes.

Web-based communication routing platform.
Web-based operations platform.
HIPAA compliant, high quality video conferencing--even in low-bandwidth environments.

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